Monday, January 6, 2014

Here We Come A-wassailing!

Amanda had an advent list of activities for Hugo to do to celebrate Christmas and caroling was on it. I had gone caroling earlier in the month with the Young Women and it was fun but unfortunately one of the colder nights of this winter (around 7 degrees!) and we all thought we might have toes amputated afterward. Denver was a lot warmer than Utah and this experience was a lot more comfortable! We visited several families in John's parent's ward to sing and drop off treats.

I just wanted to snuggle next to this all evening! Etta was like a giant fluffy teddy bear!

Athelia Claire and the other little ones were such good sports even though it was late for them.

Our two youngest carolers grew bolder as the night progressed and may have done a little exploring in some of the houses.

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Emily said...

Fun! That baby is adorable!