Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Carol of the Bells and a Cartwheel

Here are the LeSueur Christmas traditions that we finally got to do:
  •  The talent show - I loved that Hugo's talent was a cartwheel! 
  • Chime carols - Mary always leads.
  • The Jingle Bell Train - This is one that's not pictured and not always followed these days  . . . . I'm still not sure on the specifics because everyone seems to have a different version, but it deals with cleaning your room before opening presents and taking a picture together on the stairs.


Lilly said...

Jingle Bell Train is mandatory in our house. The room cleaning doesn't always happen, but we do march in and out of every room in the house singing Jingle Bells. My favorite part is, even though it is his family's tradition, Clark still doesn't know all the words. :)

Melinda said...

I love it! I should have mentioned that it originated as a Ridge tradition! We didn't even do it this year, but I think I should just make John do some room cleaning next time and I'll sing Jingle Bells for him while he does it. Haha!