Thursday, December 5, 2013

Take a number

You know how they had the chain-ish Facebook thing going around the last few weeks were you get a number of weird things you're supposed to reveal about yourself. Well, I don't like playing those Facebook games that much and I was given the number 20! Instead of posting something on my wall for all to read (including parents of some of my former students) I thought I'd just put in here where it's just a little more hidden. I couldn't think of 20 things without it starting to get lame and boring and honestly this might still be a little lame: 
  1. I brush my teeth for a long time because I am often reading when I do. John will sometimes find me falling asleep with a toothbrush in my mouth and my ipad (open to Nook) if it's been a long day.
  2. I make a Chewbaca like yodeling noise when I drop things or am surprised. 
  3. I like some video games. I had John win a Nintendo DS XL for me at his work's Christmas party, even though other people were trying to win it for their sons. Yep, I'm like your teenaged sons!
  4. I think I'm taller than I really am because I reached my full height in 5th grade and towered above the boys for a year.
  5. The stereotype of the quiet, studious, compliant Asian often applied to me in my youth has made me a little angst-y in a semi-conscious effort to defy it. Hence . . .
  6. I wanted to be a hard core punk rocker in high school and listened to a lot of Operation Ivy and Rancid. I also wanted to be a bounty hunter or assassin like Matilda in The Professional.
  7. I have a weird fascination with dead things: preserved animal specimens, roadkill, etc.
  8. I love smelling things and have a very sensitive nose.
  9. Even though I've tried not to, I like fantasy novels. Time to just own it. I can't get into Sci-Fi though.
  10. I've had a lot of pet rabbits and am kind of the rabbit equivalent of a crazy cat lady.You know that high pitched squeal that Lucille Bluth makes when Jean Parmesan shows up in Arrested Development? I make that same noise when I see bunny pictures on Instagram.
  11. Due to the fact that I was a super hyper child, I once fell off the Monorail ride at the San Diego Wild Animal Park and was knocked unconscious. They have since installed a rail between the entrance to the cars and the side walk on that ride.
  12. I took a Tae Kwondo class in college and frequently practice round house and hatch kicks on my husband and end up hurting myself because I don't really know what I'm doing.
  13. I don't like chocolate that much and prefer fruity or sour sweets.  
  14. When I was little, I used to wish I could grow my hair down to my waist so I could be naked but have my hair cover everything. This desire stemmed from watching a Japanese version of The Little Mermaid were all the mermaids were topless.  Japanese cartoons are a lot more harsh and racy than American cartoons. Spoiler: The mermaid kills herself at the end of this one. 

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holtkamp said...

It's too bad the Mohawk never worked out!