Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Aka My Thanksgiving Day Recap.  There are mostly a lot of food pictures because I really like food and it holds still for you and doesn't give you the stink eye. Also, the food prep hours can be the calm moments before the storm before everyone arrives. My mom, my dad, John, and I moved around the corners of the kitchen rotating between chopping, baking, washing dishes, and occassionally taking a few breaks in between to watch football or browse Pinterest.

We had half the number of people we usually do because some siblings were doing their own family meals, so I only made a double batch instead of a triple batch of rolls!

John made his special mashed potatoes which he learned from Josh LeMaistre.

Lion House worthy, huh?

John also made our favorite buttermilk pie. We made it the first time while I was reading Harry Potter and was food obsessed into trying to find something that resembled treacle tart.

Dave's always wonderful charcuterie board. I liked the gypsy salami best.

Ok, so I was making a joke by asking John if my shirt was too racist. We had just been discussing a critique of the Katie Perry performance at the AMAs and no, I didn't feel offended by it.

Michelle's loaded salad.

The final spread.

And feasting joy!

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