Monday, November 4, 2013

Surprise Visit

This is specifically for my siblings who recently let me know that they'd like to start seeing more frequent updates. I'm happy to oblige but must apologize for the low quality photos in this post. Maybe it's only something I'll notice, but I'm particular about photo quality so I just had to mention it because it's going to bother me. Next thing to consider is a flash for this camera.

I haven't posted in awhile mainly because I keep waiting for film to pile up so I can send it in for developing and scanning. That can take awhile on my current schedule, so I'm breaking down and posting what I have, even if it means that there may be some noisy pictures and repeat subject matter in the future.

We made a surprise visit to San Diego for my mom's 70th birthday this last weekend. It was great! We, as a family, haven't ever been huge into doing surprises, so it was a shocker for my mom when John and I walked into the house on Halloween.

To keep the surprise, we flew in at night and stayed at Michelle and Andre's house. They were wonderful hosts and we loved having the dogs for company.

When we knocked at the door Thursday afternoon, Lauren (my niece) first answered. My mom was busy trying to find some Halloween lights to put up and came down the stairs. I wish we captured the look on her face, but this picture will have to do.  She later told us she thought she was hallucinating. Haha! 

The rest of the evening was filled with Halloween prep for the girls and eating and chatting for the adults. Leah was a punk rocker. I was that myself one year, but she looked a lot more authentic. I'm still not sure how she got that nose ring to stay in sans piercing.

Lauren wore a cape and handed out candy with friends. There was also a creepy mask to the costume.

For the main gift, my sisters and I took my mom out for a spa day at the Rancho Bernardo Inn. Talk about plush! It was super relaxing and after everyone finished their treatments, sipped some tea, and decompressed in the sauna for a bit, we lounged in a private pavilion by the pool and had lunch. I, coming from Utah, completely forgot a bathing suit, so I had to stay in my spa robe and started to burn up after a bit. I forget that San Diego can feel like summer in October and it was 80 degrees that day! I was sorely tempted to rip that thing off and hang out in my underwear. Despite this one set back, it was completely lovely and relaxing. The upside to the warm weather were the hummingbirds, butterflies, bunnies and fruits and herbs that were around the grounds. I hope my mom enjoyed the down time. I can totally see how spas could get addicting!

I stole this image below from Lisa's facebook page. 

Some tips given at the spa that you may or may not be interested in (men can disengage now if they so please)
  1. They were all about Butter London there for nail polish.  Formaldehyde free and supposedly dries super fast and doesn't flake off for a week if you also use their base and top coat. So far so good. We'll see about the 7 day claim.  
  2. This heel glaze is supposed to be great to keep one's feet looking good. It also smells yummy! 
  3. If one has really dry skin they should be using a moisturizing oil instead of lotion.
  4. One should use retin-a once they reach their mid to late 20's, but using it every day can be harsh. It was suggested that every other day might be better and also taking a 2 week break from it once in awhile will give skin time to regenerate and not get aggravated (of course you should be wearing a daily spf with this as well).
  5. They also suggested that anyone in their 20's should also start using a serum. 
Anyway, all the beauty information isn't that important, but as they say, it's better to have good skin than to have to use a lot of makeup. I definitely feel like my 1.5 years walking around unprotected in the full sun of the Philippines is catching up to me, so I lent an ear to their advice.  

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Stacey said...

I just started using generic retin a and I love it! It is drying and I haven't noticed improvement of fine lines yet, but it's a kick a$$ exfoliation and I have fewer blackheads in my nose. I've been using it everyday, so i enjoyed hearing more info about taking breaks, etc!