Wednesday, November 20, 2013

School Days {film}

My camera was in my car and I grabbed it as I was heading into school to use up some film. Unfortunately I don't have photo releases or photo permission slips for any of my students so their faces aren't pictured. On Fridays we have collaboration time both as teams and then as departments. It's pretty intense. We create supports and intervention plans for struggling students for an hour and then look at data and create common assessments for the second hour.

On some Fridays we also have a remediation program called Rise and Stretch. Students who fail assessments are given an opportunity to be re-taught and re-assessed, while those who pass get to choose an educational enrichment activity. This day I was in charge of an activity and we used the metric measurements to make no-bake cookies with lab equipment. My class has never smelled so good!

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Emily said...

Cookies on lab equipment? So awesome. Also love the windows in your school.