Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Homecoming & Izakaya

In other words, the rest of our surprise trip to San Diego for my mom's birthday. Again, excuse the poor quality of the photos.

Friday night we headed to my old high school, Mt. Carmel (also the Alma Mater of all of my siblings), for the homecoming game.  My nephew had a part in the senior float. High school football games, just like surprises, are quite an anomaly in my family.  I think I maybe went to a total of one game when I was a teenager. Although I was never the school spirit type (read slightly anti-social/too cool for school), sitting there in the stadium I started regretting not being more involved in my younger years.

 Mt. Carmel played San Marcos for the game. I still have a hard time focusing while watching football, I won't lie. The only sport I follow well is soccer.

 The giant student cheering section. Thaddy is in the maroon coat.

 The Homecoming court nominees.

 Proud aunt moment: Thaddy representing as Russell from UP on the senior class float.

 And there were fireworks. Pretty good ones too! They never had that when I went to Mt. Carmel. 

Something else I noticed while at the game was that the different groups of kids got along really well. The band geeks happily greeted wrestlers and football players. Punks hung out with the drama club. This wasn't the norm when I was growing up. Thaddy's friends will be be on the volleyball team, play in a punk band, and be part of the ASB. The interest in many things seems to have created a really accepting environment at the school. It was kind of neat to see. 

Lastly, the birthday dinner. My dad planned a surprise party at an Izakaya restaurant, which is like a Japanese tapas place.  He had planned on the chef making a special sushi appetizer, but he got the order a little backwards and instead served a 10 course meal that he designed himself. It was an awesome gustatory experience! My favorite dishes were the grilled bacon wrapped tomatoes, sea bass and a Japanese casserole-type thing. I know that sounds gross but it was delicious!

That's orange Calpico in my glass.

My dad went to thank the chef for his work. 

After dinner we went home for cake and presents. We bought my mom's cake from Extraordinary desserts in Little Italy.  That place is amazing! Everything is decorated with fresh flowers and edible gold leaf flakes (at least I thought it was edible . . . )  John, Michelle, and I picked up a little treat each while getting the cake that day. 

And presents! I think my mom was pretty happy with her birthday.

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holtkamp said...

What you didn't wear an old MCHS sweatshirt?! :)