Monday, October 28, 2013


I got to take some pictures for Kate's invitations for her upcoming baptism. She's a cutie and her mom, Claudia, has great taste and picked the perfect colors to contrast with the fall flora. Every time I'm around flowering sage I think of the entomology class I had to take during my senior year of college. My professor told us that the best way to collect thrips is to shake those yellow flowers and you'd end up with a handful. Once we got them we'd stick them in a vial of alcohol. Yes, we were bug killers, and I loved it.


Emily said...

Love the pictures and her coat! I could use a bug killer at my house. :)

ceovard said...

Thanks for taking Kate's pictures, they all turn out great! Thanks! I didn't plan it that way it just worked out, and I'm glad it did :)
I wasn't planning on having my picture taken that day, yikes! haha! :) but thanks anyway.