Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What we did

  • John has been trying to teach me how to play tennis. The first day I learned that I am out of shape, that I move like a gangly adolescent boy, and my wrist hurt a lot. I'm going to need to work out my guns! We've put tennis into our weekly workout rotation to make things more interesting. I'm also thinking we should add soccer!
  • We finally drove from Herriman to Tooele via the Butterfield Canyon mountain road.  It was a little scary and the Corolla made it down into Tooele but we didn't think it could make it back up.  It then took us an hour to drive home past the Great Salt Lake and around the Oquirrh Mountains.  Tooele is an odd little place.
  • We gave talks in church both on the Restoration.
  • The school year is now in full swing! I've been in non-stop meetings, preparing lessons and worksheets, and trying to memorize 213 names. I'm also really tired and haven't been home much. I forget how exhausting it can be to teach and be on your feet all day. At least I haven't lost my voice yet! 
  • We went down to Provo to visit the Nash family and to meet 1 week old Ansel. It was also John Nash's first day of law school at the U! We brought them take out from Magelby's Fresh because I didn't have time to make anything after work. We love their stuffed breadsticks and buttermilk pie so we picked up some food for ourselves too. 


Emily said...

Awww so cute! I am tired thinking about you being on your feet all day.

holtkamp said...

i love these pictures!and yes, you should definitely add soccer!