Monday, September 16, 2013

Sunday Walks

 The weather channel app as been constantly inaccurate. It's always saying it's 68 degrees. Well Sunday it was not 68 degrees and I wore pants and was sweating like mad on our nature walk around the polygamist cow paths. Never again weather channel!

I recently made John read The Princess Bride since he's an avid fantasy reader and it was one of my favorite books as a kid. I couldn't remember the story (as opposed to the movie) so he re-told the whole tale during our meandering. He even threw in all the catchy phrases made famous from the movie, character voices and all. It was quite romantic, except Buttercup is apparently supposed to be pretty dumb in the book. I had forgotten that. I'm glad there are more strong female protagonists these days.

*John said this was his woodland fairy shot. 

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holtkamp said...

i love this picture of you! dave made me watch 'the princess bride' once but i guess we're even since i made him watch 'bend it like beckham' and 'enough'.