Thursday, September 12, 2013

All about you

The first day of the year at our school is always supposed to be a fun day where we don't teach any curriculum related lessons. Most of us usually do some sort of getting to know you activity with the kids.  One of the things I have my students do is fill out an All About Me sheet where they can wax poetic about their favorite bands, movies, friends, etc.  Sometimes I stick these papers in a binder and forget about them, but I read through them this year and was amused by some of their answers:

  • Apparently Ipod-ing is now a legit hobby. A few girls' hobbies were being a Belieber and a One direction fan.  I'm guessing that takes up a lot time . . .
  • Someone said they wanted to be a dolphin trainer when they grew up. On the opposite end of the spectrum another kid wrote down that he was going to be a nuclear engineer.
  • A surprising amount of 12 year olds liked sushi as their favorite food. One kid wrote a chicken sandwich. For some reason that was highly amusing to me.
  • The most popular favorite book and movie was by far The Hunger Games.  One kid said his favorite movie was Inglorious Basterds. I don't know if I could imagine myself watching Hitler getting his face blown to bits with my pre-teen kid, but it is a good movie.
  • I always pay attention to the papers where the kids say they have a pet bunny. I then go over and we nerd out over rabbits and how cute they are. 
  • Also, if someone puts down that they were born in California I go over and we commiserate at the differences between the states (weather mostly). 
  • A lot of kids are unsure if they really can speak another language, so for their answer they put down "American". I need to change the question to "Are you fluent in another language besides English?" 
  • A lot of the students also put down Duck Dynasty as their favorite TV show.  I haven't seen this at all and so couldn't relate.

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holtkamp said...

iPod-ing...that's funny...