Friday, August 16, 2013

Making Bacon Pancakes

While I was down for a week in July I watched A LOT of Adventure Time.  I got this song stuck in my head from the same musician that ingeniously answered the infamous vlog remarks of UCLA student Alexandra Wallace. The song got stuck in my head and so we had to make bacon pancakes for dinner. I used a sour cream pancake recipe and then made it fancy by adding candied bacon to the batter while it was on the skillet. John and I ate a lot of the bacon before it made it to the pancakes because it was really good! In the future I'd probably just use regular bacon in the pancakes because syrup plus the candied stuff  made it a little too sweet. I'd still make the candied bacon, but just on the side instead. And yes, I'm beating my eggs with chopsticks.  It's an Asian thing.

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