Friday, August 30, 2013

Lauren's Room


The secret lives of American teens! Lauren let me hang out in her room with her as she was sketching. She showed me her new record player and her latest vinyl finds from the thrift store. I think my nieces and nephews are pretty cool and have pretty good taste. That's probably because they're influenced by my siblings who are also cool and have similar tastes to me.  I get a little envious when I see their Instagram pictures right next to the stage at a She and Him or Postal Service show or in the pit with Rancid. Lauren is especially artistic so her room is an eclectic wonderland of nature (bird feathers and minerals), music, fashion, and art.


beckie said...

this post is fantastic. what a wonderful way to capture a person by preserving the details of their most personal space.
plus you see her as being artistic and my mom would have just said messy.

holtkamp said...

Our famous rancid show is still my all time favorite show!