Tuesday, August 13, 2013


John and I wanted to celebrate our 7th anniversary in the Pacific Northwest, but didn't have the time for a trip.  Instead we headed up the canyon to Midway and spent a couple of days at the Homestead resort. We wandered around the grounds, watched Lucky Number Slevin (for the 7th anniversary and all), and had a nice dinner in the evening at a restaurant located in what I thought was a western tiny town but was actually full of functioning shops.

 On top of the crater. 

We passed up swimming inside the crater. It was already super hot outside so soaking in steamy water didn't sound very appealing. Next time! 

 Feeding gummy bears to the marmots on the golf course because I'm just always really annoying to animals and can't leave them alone. 

We had brioche french toast at the Blue Boar Inn for breakfast before heading back home. 


Emily said...

Looks like fun! Happy anniversary! You'll have to go to the Pacific northwest another time. :)

Kristen said...

Happy 7th Anniversary! We love Midway, such a fun little place. Dan has a lot of family history up there, his grandpa used to own about half the town so he feels famous when he goes up there. :) Glad you had a fun little getaway. We are trying to decide what to do for #12 next month!

holtkamp said...

looks like a great getaway! portland is still top of our list :)