Tuesday, August 20, 2013


We had our annual LeSueur family vacation in Fort Lauderdale, Florida this year.  The family (all 17 of us minus Branden who had to stay in NY to work) stayed in an amazing house that was right across the street from the beach. Since it was summer we found that any adventures away from the immediate coast turned uncomfortable real fast due to the heat and humidity. The beach was perfect though and I couldn't be happier be confined to the sand and water.

I have some more pictures that need to be developed on film, but man, I've been struggling with medium format lately! In the last order I got back there were a disappointingly large amount of frames out of focus, and that's with paying for a special bright screen.  Er. Anyway, practice, practice, practice.  We'll see what the next set brings.

Easy going mornings at the beach house.

We had the stretch of beach across the street from the house basically to ourselves. The water was around 80 degrees which is perfect for someone who get s cold super easily (i.e. me). Look, I'm the only one bundled up!

We went to explore the Everglades one day. Apparently it was the wrong season. In wet season (summer) all the alligators and other cool animals spread out over the glades. In the dry season (winter) they congregate to these ponds. We did spot one alligator sleeping in the shade. I personally loved the landscape though, so I was a happy camper!

If you magnified this picture a bit you could see that we're all drenched in sweat, have a whitish cast due to all the sunscreen lathered on, and have mosquito bites on various parts of our bodies. Hey, but shared afflictions bring us closer together, right?

This was our posse.

A little blurry, but we tried some gator bites drenched in cajun seasoning. Not bad at all! We also stopped at an amazing fruit stand that served fresh shakes flavors such as jackfruit, canistel (called sapote in the PI), and dragon fruit.  I had a keylime coconut one that so good and refreshing! 

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Emily said...

Looks like so much fun! (minus the sweat and mosquito bites). :) I love your skirt!!