Monday, July 29, 2013

Jam Making

We got together with the Nashes and made some blackberry and strawberry freezer jam. For some reason I have been super lazy to learn how to make this! I'd ask people all the time about freezer jam just so that I could hear the reassurance that it's "super easy" and then I'd do nothing.  I had several boxes of pectin in my pantry and lots of jars from previous fleeting moments of ambition during past summers, but all remained untouched until this last week.

The blackberry was just alright and John and I both still like strawberry the best. We've been enjoying the fruits of our labors mostly on toast each morning.

Before the mashing and blending began, we had dinner at this wonderful Middle Eastern restaurant that John Nash introduced us to awhile ago. This sounds weird, but it has the most legit shawarma I've had since the Philippines. A lot of Filipinos go over to the Middle East as health care workers or to work in hotels and when they come back they bring along the cuisine from the region. Another reason we went was because I was craving hummus and fresh flat bread from reading the Dorne section of the GOT cookbook I got John for his birthday. I'm so easily brainwashed by settings in books and movies!



holtkamp said...

Was it old city bakery?! I've been craving that place, I need to convince dave to go back!

Angie said...

Mmmm. I love strawberry freezer jam. Like the last-year-you though, I still haven't ever tried making it!

Melinda said...

Jen, yes it was the Old City Bakery! I want to go again soon because I couldn't eat much from being sick!