Monday, May 13, 2013

Shabby Shoot!

Last Saturday I helped photograph an upcoming Shabby Apple line! John was sweet and volunteered to assist me. This was my first all day shoot and was such an awesome learning experience! Nicole Gerulat was the primary shooter (I was a bit in awe watching her work) and I photographed the outfits for the front, side, and back views with a couple of editorial shots.

Love that big model hair.

Sophia was our expert make-up artist. This woman has skills!


Ashlyn's cool pop art make-up.

Alexia getting a hair touch-up. She teaches dance at my school and dances professionally herself.

There were a lot of interns and assistants on set during the day.  They helped a ton with outfit changes, pinning, blowing bubbles, and holding up swaths of fabric while balancing on step ladders. While Nicole shot a lot of us looked like this.

John got to assist Nicole! "Aziz, LIGHT!" Anyone else remember watching The Fifth Element? 

John also helped keep track of the bouncy balls that we used as props. They kept blowing away, but also made a good arm rest.

Some lessons learned: 

Bring a camp chair!
Wearing a hat saved my face from being burned off.
Sunscreen and a lot more sunscreen. In fact I want to order some powdered sunscreen for quicker, greaseless reapplication.
Lots of water and bringing a cooler with iced water and Gatorade is so nice when the sun is beating down.
Converse are always a good idea.
Your own make-up will sweat off by midday and you'll feel a just little un-cute next to all the done up models.
Bringing a husband along is great for company :) 

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What a cool experience!!