Monday, April 8, 2013

Post Conference

So, does anyone else get a little antsy after watching TV for 8 hours? Well, at least this was for church! John has a low tolerance for sitting and listening for long periods of time and he was dying by the last part of LDS General Conference.  I do alright, but I also doodle while I listen to keep my hands busy.  There were lots of uplifting and inspiring messages (I have several pages in my notebook to prove it!) but when it was over we were stir crazy and fresh air was needed.

A tiny cluster of grape hyacinths. Spring is barely starting to raise its head in these parts.

I brought a baggie of carrots in case we ran into feral bunnies like last time on the trail. I also had a bag of bread for ducks. The ducks were off-ish and there weren't any buns, but we met a friendly mule and lots of hungry horses to make friends with!

Rollin' with my homies.

Before staring onto the trail, I had to go back to the car to find batteries for my camera. Sadly there were none, but as we were searching a man drove up onto the curb of the lot, popped his tire, and screeched around riding on his hubcap before parking next to us. Weirded out, we looked over to see if he needed help, but he just sat there staring forward. An hour later when we returned he was being wheeled into an ambulance, his car was surrounded by policemen and a firetruck and was pulled forward with a pile of what looked like compost under the front wheel. Not sure what happened there.


holtkamp said...

sounds like maybe he had a seizure, or was about to have a seizure when you saw him.

Melinda said...

We thought maybe that or something diabetic related, but were confused as to why he had time to pile a bunch of compost around his wheel . . . the non-flat one that is

Emily said...

Spring!! Love the pictures with the horses!! And glad that man got help.

Miriam L. said...

Whoa. That's pretty crazy. I love that all your adventures include some random, definitely weird thing to make them even more interesting.