Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Last Month

We haven't had any significant adventures lately or done anything amazing. Life has mostly been busy, but in all the right ways: working with the youth of the church, parent teacher conferences, time to visit with family and friends, and lazy weekends to recover from the various activities during the week. With all this we've been happy and life is full. I must add that normally I'm griping about Utah winters by New Years, but being busy has made the time pass quickly and it's only now that I'm complaining! Haha! But it's warming up and I can't wait for spring!

New Beginnings with the Young Women.  Our theme was Rise UP and we used the Disney movie Up for decorating inspiration.
Meeting up for breakfast at the Belgian Waffle Inn with JP and Jake.
Amanda, Branden, and our nephew Hugo came to visit from New York! We loved having them stay with us! We just need them and Carl's family to move to the West now. 
Uncle John.
I borrowed Jason's class rabbit for the weekend again.


Emily said...

Love your pictures.

holtkamp said...

ha, ha, love that bunny peeking over :)