Friday, January 25, 2013

Things that made my day:

  1. Payday Pancakes at school
  2. Finding out that J.Crew and Banana Republic offer a 15% discount to teachers! 
  3. Getting to take Thumper home for the weekend again
  4. Temperatures are "warming up" to be in the 30's finally! 
  5. Stake Conference = no immediate responsibilities for church
  6. We scheduled an animal show from the Bean Museum to teach our students about adaptations. Live animals at school! 
  7. Planning to eat some yummy Indian food this weekend.
I hope you have some fun things to brighten your day as well! 


holtkamp said...

Sounds like a great weekend? Bombay house? Or have you found something better?!

Emily said...

Nice! Also wondering about the Indian food. . . . PS I gave you an award on my blog:

Miriam L. said...

What kind of Indian was it? Tell me! I need to know!

Melinda said...

It was Bombay House, the new location in Jordan Landing! John got lamb coconut korma and I had the Bollywood chicken (my favorite because it has potatoes and pineapple!). There was also lots of naan involved :)