Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Last

I thought I'd post the last few random pictures from San Diego. 

Cactus at the Tijauana Slough. We were a mere miles from the Mexican Border which made me start thinking of drug cartels.

My parents with Uncle Floyd and Aunt Irene visiting from D.C.

Mori pride.

Rampage napping on our shoes.

The original Claire picture I was trying to recapture. Her legs are too long now and it just didn't work.


holtkamp said...

I thought Gustavo fring killed the cartel :)


Melinda said...

Lol! I think he took out part of the Sinaloa cartel! There's still the Tijuana and scary Zetas! And after you wrote Flyod I got worried and had to make sure I didn't spell it wrong on here!

holtkamp said...

ha, ha, i don't know if i'll EVER be able to spell 'floyd' right again!