Monday, January 7, 2013

Mini Reunion

While in San Diego, Jen and I got together with some of our friends from high school. We met up at Kous Kous, a yummy Moroccan restaurant. It was so fun to see everyone and hear what they've been up to. We were missing a few people (Jill, Rhiannon, and others) but hopefully we'll be able to do this again sometime! Urban Solace anyone? One of my favorite conversations of the night was about Morris' restaurant reviews on Yelp!


holtkamp said...

that was a great night. except for my weird face in one of these pictures!

Emily said...

How fun! Love the pic of brent w john.

Rhiannon said...

Everyone looks amazing! Better with age! I'm so sad I missed everyone and hope I am here for the next reunion! Love you guys! xoxo