Friday, January 18, 2013

Long Weekend

This is a list of things I gave Clark to do, but is really a list of things I want to do myself on this 4 day weekend:
  1. Get a massage to get rid of grading tension in the shoulders
  2. Snowshoeing to enjoy nature and take a camera
  3. Swim in the crater at the Homestead
  4. Peruse books at The King's English or Sam Weller's
  5. Try to crash something up at Sundance film festival
  6. Eat at Pig and a Jelly Jar for lunch - I've been wanting to try it 
  7. Go see The Impossible - Ewan McGregor was my high school celebrity crush due to watching  Trainspotting with my brother.
In reality what I have done so far is not as interesting: 
  1. Slept in - good except for John waking up noises. He's not the most quiet person in the mornings.
  2. Accessory photography - a little less exciting since it required lots of ironing and was just blouses on a dress form. 
  3. Reading scriptures - a good thing
  4. Stressing over the YW budget and doing YW supply inventory - I was just called as YW President. I'm really happy and a bit stressed about this, but I love love love those girls and the wonderful ladies I get to work with!
And then there are the things we have yet to do like figure a way to get rid of that old media center (we love our new one!), helping people move in later tonight, going to the temple tomorrow, the dreaded Target trip to pick up supplies,driving to the warehouse to return blouses, picking out gifts for several one year old birthdays and the rest of those chores and errands that seem to pile up quickly when you both work full time. AH, so is life. Some good, some bad, some crazy, some fun. Hopefully some fun this weekend, fingers crossed! Maybe it's time to move to the country?


holtkamp said...

is today a holiday?! i've also been wanting to do a few things on your list - king's english, pig and a jelly jar (never been to either) and see the impossible.

i can't believe you are finally getting rid of the old media center. i thought the day would never come since it's used for the computer?!

Melinda said...

For secondary ed teachers in JSD we have what's called a grading day. They used to have us come into the building to finalize our grade books and then decided they'd rather have us stay at home so they didnt' have to pay the utilities for having us in the building. Ha! So now I get my grades done the days before so I can party on grade day. Or not, like today. We got a Mac Mini and got rid of the old computer! Yes!