Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Trivial Questions I'm Pondering

I wrote this last week and never posted it. Since that time I've answered some of these. I'll put them up for the fun. 

1. Keep my hair long or cut it to shoulder length?
    It's long and layered and outgrown any decent shape.  The way I can tell that I need to go see Pat is when I wash and dry it and then the next morning it looks like a wreck. It's been long for awhile and I always get chop happy in the winter.  It's also nice to have fresh healthy ends after the sun damage and ponytails of a hot summer. I was thinking something along the lines of the following:

Decision - I cut it. Those scraggly thin ends were driving me crazy!

2. Keep the grey leather jacket or return it?
    Got it at a summer sale and wore it out once for a couple of hours.  I don't know if leather is me. I usually lean toward blazers. I also don't know if a leather jacket is very useful for someone who gets really cold in Utah's frigid winters. There's probably about a 2 week window (aka Utah Fall) that the temperature is cold but not too cold.  On the other hand I keep telling myself that it would be perfect for a Europe trip and just the thing for a visit to New York to see family.

Decision - I kept it. This climate change business has made Utah really mild the past few winters. And it makes me feel like a bad-a.

3. Pierce my ears or not?
    I have virgin ears or partially virgin ears? I had a barbell in the upper cartilage in high school. It was supposed to be punk rock but just ended up being infected. Twice. I know that I've already been shown up by one of my previous nursery girls who got her ears pierced this year. Cons: I wear my hair down a lot, I don't want saggy ear lobes when I'm older, I don't want permanently large holes/rips from future babies tugging on earrings. Pros: earrings are pretty!   My sister just informed me that piercing your ears with the cheap guns at teen jewelry stores is bad.  It shoves the tissue and creates hard cartilaginous bumps in one's ear.  A good gun takes out a piece of flesh. Also, I realize this is a decision most girls make when they're like 5. Call me a late bloomer.

Oh the trivialities of life!


Emily said...

Love the new hair cut and your reasoning for keeping the jacket. :) Once in a while I toy with piercing my ears but I'm just too lazy to do it/the only jewelry I wear is my wedding ring.

Kendrick and Desiree said...

Yes, yes and yes!! Love the hair, love jacket and you would LOVE earrings! I can't believe a fashionista like you hasn't been playing with earrings!! They'd look so cute with your new hair...

holtkamp said...

i love your new cut. my hair is so thin now i have no idea what to do with it.

i guess i will have saggy ear lobes when i'm older :) but i think they have been pretty resilient, only time will tell. i say go for it!

p.s. i still remember those infections when andre's dad had to yank it out!

Amanda said...

I so understand about the hair. I'm waiting to get to the US in Jan to get my hair cut but it is everything I can do not to attack myself with a pair of scissor. LOVE the jacket! Here is my take on the earrings: I got my ears pierced when I was 4. I begged. I've never had a single problem with them. They've never been infected. I then went through a stage at 18 where I added 4-5 more piercings/ear. All of the ones that I got "older" were infected constantly. After about two years, I allowed all of them to close. If I were you, rather than risk infection, I would stick to clip ons.