Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Photo Goals

Although photography is more of a hobby for me than a livelihood at this point in my life, I still feel that it's important to continue learning and growing in any skill in which one expresses interest.  I thought it was time to make some goals, so here are some things to keep me accountable and motivated 

  1. Bright Screen for the Mamiya - This, along with more practice, to get sharper images with my Medium Format camera. Slow down and shoot with this camera more!
  2. Film Scanner - check settings for the V700 at the SLCC lab (call previous photo teacher) or invest in a different film scanner altogether.
  3. Take a Photoshop for Photographers or Photo Equipment/Lighting class this summer.
  4. Get film scanned at a large size. Try Indie film lab and local lab.
  5. Take camera and flash everywhere! - get a small shoulder camera bag and start using it as a purse. Stop caring about what it looks like and find one that's comfortable, light, and fits one camera + bounce flash. Stop being afraid of night and flash pictures.
  6. One Photoshop lesson per week from my book
  7. Consider investing in a full frame DLSR?
  8. Find people/things to shoot! Models? Find an interesting project to shoot. Polygamists?


Emily said...

Love your goals!! Sometimes I carry around my camera just by itself (not in a bag)- probably not the best practice but I definitely use it more and don't have to worry about bulk. I want to improve my night photography too! And if you're ever in the area we'll model for you. :)

holtkamp said...

we were just talking about polygamists last night and dave said there are some in cottonwood heights. my goal should be to use my real camera instead of my phone, but that's probably not gonna happen since a phone is so much easier to carry.