Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Concert

Little known to most people, John was involved in vocal performance in his youth. He sang in a kids/adolescent group called Colorado Gold and was involved in high school musicals and choir (a Zac Efron in embryo?). We've often talk about how if we had met as teenagers we would have repulsed each other because we were such opposites. I'm glad that John had those experiences though because it's those same talents that make him interesting and he's using them a lot. John is currently our ward choir director, is trying patiently to help me learn how to sing alto, and joined the community choir for the holidays. Above are some pictures from the choir's performance on Monday. Just a side note, the woman in the background in the first picture (the one with the viola) is our school's band and orchestra teacher.


Emily said...

That is so cool (and funny about high school).

Miriam L. said...

I'm struggling to see John as Zac Efron. Maybe he should grow his hair out, and see how he looks with a mini-shag.

I've often though about Josh and I being friends in high school. It definitely would not have happened. I was the kind of student who ate lunch in the corner of the art room, or near the trash cans (eep). Josh was definitely all jock and kind of naughty. I don't think even John Hughes could picture us hanging out.