Wednesday, November 14, 2012


  • One big thing that I forgot to mention (probably because I didn't have a picture to go with it) was that John got a new job! He now works at Bamboo HR and commutes to Provo once a week and works at home the other 4.  Basically it's perfect. He just needs Rick there now.
  • I've been sick with a cold that has seemed to have lasted for eternity but in reality has been about 2 weeks.  I was getting better and then ran a 5k which apparently wasn't the smartest idea.  I didn't know the human body could produce such copious amounts of phlegm, mucus, and snot.
  • One of the teachers here got a baby bunny as a class pet.  Color me jealous!
  • J. Crew finally has a real red out. It's called authentic red. Winter/Cool toned people of the world rejoice!  This also means that I finally found the perfect red coat. 6 years of waiting has paid off. 
  • Next week it's off to Denver!


holtkamp said...

yay for everything except you being sick!

Miriam L. said...

Mmmmmmmmm. Phlegm. A fun word to type, not a fun word to experience. Yahoo for red!