Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hunter Gatherer

While perusing the aisles of a nearby craft store for product photography prop ideas I thought, "Why would I pay for plastic leaves when nature is offering real ones for free?" I then decided to round up John in the car and we headed to the mountains by our house to collect moss, leaves, acorns, and seeding sage.  Our favorite find by far was the tiny abandoned nest that John extracted whole out of a bush.  I wish I could do this everyday! I've learned that one of the times I'm happiest is when I can meander aimlessly outside gathering some sort of animal or plant. Maybe I should have been a botanist or an entomologist.


Miriam L. said...

I love the Utah wilds this time of year. It makes my heart hurt a little I miss it so much. But, it looks like you had a great time and you took some pretty awesome pictures.

Emily said...

Such lovely pictures! You totally look like you're in your element.

holtkamp said...

absolutely love that first picture of you!