Monday, November 5, 2012


On the way down from Oregon to Arizona, the LeMaistres came and stayed with us a few nights. If only there were some way they could just stay here! But we were happy for Josh's new job, forthcoming adventures for them in a new state, and were appreciative of the time we could spend with them before they moved.

Miriam was so sweet and brought me a gift that would melt any photo fanatic's heart: vintage cameras! Her mother had raided an old camera store in Oregon and had these beauties lying around. They are treasures I tell you! We looked up the cameras in a book and found that the last one, the Kodak Vest Pocket, was the same model Ansel Adams used to keep in his pocket. Also (rejoice!) the middle camera can be rigged to take medium format film! You know I'm going to be trying that out. Speaking of film I shot off two rolls yesterday so expect film pictures soon! 


holtkamp said...

those look amazing! i got a vintage camera when we were in VA and haven't figured it out yet. it's in a box somewhere in the millions of other boxes we live amongst, if i ever find it i'll have to show it to you.

Miriam L. said...

Dang those cameras look so good! And I can't wait to see how the medium format film works in the fold-out one. But, with your skills, I'm sure it will be (cue sing-songy voice) AWESOME!