Monday, October 8, 2012

John and Athelia Claire


These obviously aren't the best quality pictures (slow film, bad indoor lighting), but I thought they were super cute! We wonder if our niece sometimes thinks John is his brother Carl. He and Athelia Claire seem to get along swimmingly.


Amanda said...

Babies normally sense people through different means than big people... i.e. smell, feel, etc. When Eliza was a baby, she could tell the twins apart. So, I'm voting that she just loves Uncle John for Uncle John*; Because, seriously, what is not to love!?

*However, Violet either could not tell the twins apart (or didn't care)... So, maybe you are right!

Melinda said...

John will be super flattered by that! And you would be the expert on this seeing as Clark and Claron look a lot more alike than John and Carl!