Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fall Foliage

Some of the flora from our shoot up Millcreek Canyon a couple of weeks ago. I can't wait to show you the the pictures with the model! I'll have to wait until the line comes out though. The past few weeks have been rough. Let's just say I'm really glad that it's the weekend and that next week is FALL BREAK! This is one of the things in Utah that I love! Random break in the middle of my favorite season.

Other things:

1. I feel like fall is slipping by me! I've had so many classes, piles of paper work, longs nights at school, and activities after school bleeding into the night, that I haven't been able to really enjoy the lovely crisp weather and the colors in the mountains (besides our photo shoot). I need to get out!

2. I've developed a very mild case of Bell's Palsy. I have the Palsy! I've always kind of wanted to say that, but not actually have it be true. Bell's Palsy is when half your face is temporarily paralyzed. It's not that bad and mostly just gives me a crooked smile and a dry eye because I can't blink with the right side of my face very well.  I'm on Prednisone which I tell John makes me indifferent and out of touch with reality.  The last one is a real side affect which I may or may not experience sometimes.  On the up side I could be could be Quasimodo or the Phantom for Halloween if it got worse.

3. I'm currently reading Watership Down for the first time and I am completely engrossed.  My family has been trying to get me to read this book forever, but when I saw the trailer for the animated movie in grade school I thought it was all about rabbits killing each other. I imagined sinister rabbits with red eyes (a la the cover of Animal Farm) and blood everywhere! I have a thing for rabbits and Richard Adams describes lagomorpha behavior perfectly while weaving an amazing story.


Kristen said...

Oh no! My sister in law got a really REALLY bad case of BP on her mission - her full smile never came back. Hoping yours is much better than hers! I know it's not fun. And I see nothing wrong with being out of touch with reality at times.

holtkamp said...

i feel like fall is slipping by too, it's always too fast out here. the fall in VA lasted for months!

Emily said...

Love the pictures. Hope your bells' palsy resolves soon.