Saturday, October 20, 2012

Afternoon Tea

Chocolate Mint Rooibos!
Ahhh! (That's a sigh of relief) There are so many good things about Fall Break! So far I've taken several long baths, made myself a good breakfast two days in a row - steel cut oats with scrambled eggs one day and hash browns, bacon and toast with fresh pears the other - and slept a ton! I've been able to talk with my family, get and send gifts, and overall feel connected again.

On Friday I met up with Jen at the Beehive Tea Room to catch up and to see cute and always perfectly angelic Brent. Brent and I ended up being unintentional twinners! Love it! We snacked on warm corn chowder and hummus sandwiches while sipping comforting tea and catching up. These are the days that make everything seem perfect.


holtkamp said...

yes, it was perfect! we'll have to go back sometime :)

Emily said...

Looks dreamy! Love the unintentional twinniness. :)