Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Burbank High Hall of Fame

Carl introducing his dad.  That's John's dad on the big screen. Major stud!
David accepting his induction into the hall of fame.  Honestly, his was one of the best speeches.  He made us laugh.
Amanda and Hugo before the induction dinner at the Burbank Country Club.
Grandma Dolores. 

A couple of weeks ago John and I flew out to Burbank California to be with the LeSueur family for David's (John's dad) induction into Burbank High's Hall of Fame.  David is the only athlete that has ever been All-American in basketball at Burbank High and was also Student Body President. As Carl said in his introduction, "He wasn't the fastest, and he couldn't jump the highest, but he was clever. He was wily."

It was fun to be able to hang out with family that we don't normally see.  Uncle Steve and Aunt Cathy came in from Virginia and Uncle Jeff came out too. One of the special things for me about this trip was that I was given a glimpse into the legacy of John's family.  People from David's high school and old community, some who were years younger, would come up and tell us how David was an inspiration to them, what a good man he is, and how smart he was both on and off the court. I am lucky to have married into such a good family!

It was also really wonderful hear middle aged people talk about their coaches and teachers from their youth and how they changed their lives. It was encouraging and gave me hope and motivation in being a teacher.

I have some more pictures from that weekend, but they'll be coming later seeing as they're on film. 


holtkamp said...

that is awesome, i had no idea about john's dad!

ellen said...

The LeSueur's were in my ward (I was Stephanie's YW president) and Dave is one of the greatest men around. He's a legend.