Sunday, August 19, 2012

This Week

  • We (I) was on super cleaning mode - we hand washed both cars in the driveway, which I notice is not really a thing in the mountain west.  I have a lot of memories of washing cars in the front yard with my family growing up in California, but here people mostly use car wash stops. Also, I find that between the rain, snow, and constant road construction with flying bits of tar and gravel in our area, I'm not as vigilant in keeping my vehicle clean because it feels like it's constantly dirty. I'm trying to be better. We also deep cleaned the garage, sealed the concrete, and did major laundry. I finally cleaned out my pet bunny rabbit's cage who has now been gone for two years.  Gross, I know. I think I left it subconsciously as a sort of shrine. No food offerings were ever left.
  • Faculty meetings already.  They weren't that bad and I think being at Girl's Camp helped me mentally prep for being back at the middle school.  
  • Finished up a bunch of accessory photographs for Shabby Apple.
  • Had a lovely summer evening with the Tanners.  Dinner was Philly Cheese steaks at Moochie's Meatballs.  There's always a crowd when we drive by and so we thought it was time to check it out.  It was delicious and super filling. Since I've never had a real cheese steak in Philly, someone will have to tell me if it's authentic.  Afterward went to the outdoor starlight cinema on the lawn of the state capitol and watched the Sandlot.  That movie always makes me miss the carefree feeling of childhood summers! We sat next to a bull mastiff that looked exactly like The Beast.  Izzy was in heaven! 
  •  Finally shopped at City Creek.  We've been twice but both times only of ran through quickly on our way to other events.  The Jensen's invited us out.  John and John ended up being the ones to buy all the clothes.  Mary and I just browsed but had a good time forcing the Johns to replace outdated wardrobe items  including shorts and pants with holes, shirts from the 90's with short sleeves that reach past the elbow, and too tight sweaters from before college.


holtkamp said...

that's funny because i feel like my car is always dirty here too and have also noticed the fact that rarely do people wash their own cars, ha, ha. i'm going to look up that moochie's meatballs, we wanted to go to philly one last time before we moved but were too lazy to make the drive just for a cheesesteak :)

Emily said...

I feel the same way about our cars! :) You'll have to have John model his new wardrobe.

Kristen said...

I have yet to go to City Creek - I think it's because I know Tiffany is there and it's always too tempting!
ps...we are driveway car washers here - total memory from growing up that I insist the kids have. It just feels more "summery."