Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I always forget how draining teaching is after a nice long summer break.  I was ready for dinner and bed by the time I got home yesterday. On a positive note, this is my 6th year of teaching, so I haven't had any beginning of the year anxiety.  I met all 185 of my students and so far they've been great, minus one class that our team will need to crack down on.

I'm still waiting for film scans. In the meantime I've updated my photography page. There's nothing fancy, just newer pictures.  You might see some of yourself! I'm hoping to get a new scanner this month so that I can do higher resolution home scans.  It will be encouraging to shoot more medium format so I don't have to pay a lab to scan the negatives for me.  I'm looking at the Epson V700 which is the same as the ones in the photo lab at SLCC.  The picture of Amanda and Steve Morley on the front page was scanned with it and I think it does a good job for my purposes.

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Emily said...

Congrats on surviving the first days. :) I'm tired just thinking about all of those kids with all of that energy that needs to be focused into sciencey goodness. They are so lucky to have you!