Monday, August 13, 2012

Girls Camp 2012

 Girls Camp, as always, was a blast! We roughed it a bit compared to last year's plush accommodations of sinks, showers, and cabins but it was fun nonetheless. We really have such an amazing group of girls that they can make any setting uplifting and fun. The theme this year was "Be Loyal to the Royal Within" and each ward was assigned a different Disney princess. We had Belle from Beauty and the Beast and so our camp color was yellow. One of my favorite parts of camp was the Stake Devotional night. An older girl from each ward dressed up as a woman from the scriptures and told about her story in first person.  The girls used colored lanterns that they had made from jelly jars as we walked from campsite to campsite which gave the whole night a magical and reverent air.


scwestover said...

ebydneyLove the pictures!!! Camp was awesome and thanks for all your help!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Pictures! These really captured the spirit and fun of that group of girls:)