Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Natural Position

This was a fellow we met with the LeMaistres on our walk to the Inlet Hot Springs.  John told me how the man was lying naked on his back and turned to slither into the water when he and Josh first spied him. The man, later in shorts, informed us that he preferred to soak in the "natural position", offered Miriam a pair of shorts, and invited the females in the group to join him. This led me to wonder:

1. Why does he have an extra pair of shorts with him?
2. What did he expect Miriam to wear on top?
3. Was I really invited? And if so, why didn't I get a pair of shorts?

When we saw Mr. Natural later in the parking lot, Miriam swore that there was a weird golden orb danging at the crotch area of the his shorts. This was not confirmed by all in our party as the man then followed a group of newly arrived teenagers back to the hot springs on his bike.


holtkamp said...

i miss your drawings!

Miriam L. said...

Oh my gosh. I'm having a laughing attack. If I had known that he slithered into the water when J & J saw him, I think I would have been less inclined to talk to him. Slithered. Ew.