Friday, July 27, 2012


We did a small home improvement this summer by cementing half of our tiny backyard. There's still grass on the right half along with our pond and goldfish and I also left a space to be a planter for my monster sweet pea plant. That thing just grows and grows! The original idea was to have stamped concrete, but it didn't turn out quite as we had hoped. Needless to say, we weren't thrilled with our contractor, but for such a small space it'll do. We also still need to seal it for the wet look. I scoured the valley for the little bistro set and after many phone calls finally snagged the last one at a Smith's in Draper. Now John and I enjoy dinning al fresco when the yard is shaded. Sometimes we also have little dates and bring our Aranciatas out on the patio to sip on or a bowl of ice cream to eat while we review our day. We also got a grill with Josh's help to put on the extra cemented space, and have been enjoying teriyaki kabobs and other summer deliciousness.


molly said...

that bistro set is adorable.

Emily said...

Love the set and that you're enjoying your backyard! I bet your sweet peas smell amazing. I can't wait to see the wet look and a full view of the backyard!! :)

holtkamp said...

that looks perfect! i can't wait to have a backyard!