Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Chino Farms

John shot puts his melon.

Chino Farms is where the gourmet chefs and culinary creatives in San Diego go to buy their produce. The farm is organic and was started by a Japanese American family after their internment during WWII. The produce is not cheap, but I had the largest and sweetest raspberries I have ever tasted! My brother Dave got an assortment of plums and John got a melon.

Besides being able to sample the fruits and vegetables, there was another motivation for visiting the stand. I have a unit where I teach my students about artificial selection and how humans often select for color in grocery store produce. When I mention that there are white and purple carrots that occur naturally, I often get a lot of dubious looks. An article on Chino Farms specifically mentioned that there were at least 6 different colors of carrots, so I had to see them so I could witness unto those doubtful middle school children.

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Emily said...

How have I never heard of this place?! I'd love to go! Purple carrots are awesome.