Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Child Like Empress

Also known as a Man-Child or a Man Boy, the Child Like Empress is a male in his 20s to 30s who appears to have missed puberty. He can often be found wearing a pair of khaki pants with dark shoes and a rugby shirt or Anchor Blue sweater circa the late 90's. Picture Steve from Blues Clues and you're on the right track. We ran into such character recently when stopping for dinner at a Thai restaurant in south Provo. After bringing out my roasted coconut juice, the Man-Child asked, "And what would the other one like?" I guess he meant John, who apparently is no longer privileged to be addressed as a human.  Before leaving, we were also seriously warned that coconut sticky rice needs to be put in the fridge and then thawed before eating, if not consumed immediately.

1 comment:

holtkamp said...

ha, ha, poor guy! reminds me of DAT and DARWIN!