Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Thoughts While Sitting in the Airport

  • Mennonite women's buns are amazing. I can't get my hair to stay up like that, let alone have it look that neat while traveling.
  • The June 2012 issue of PDN (Photo District News) is awesome. So much inspiration and I'm looking forward to July's fine art issue.
  • Someone always has a stinky sandwich that they bring on board the plane. It always smells like it could be something else more embarrassing, but when I turn to look it's always a nasty, meaty sandwich that smells like old bologna .
  • The dirtiest airport bathroom on this trip was not in Honduras. It was Denver. I think it's their water efficient toilets. Perhaps they are efficient but not effective.
  •  The dirtiest airport gate waiting area was Houston. Food, stains, and old baby clothes were on the ground. Gross and disturbing.
  • I need to remember to bring my own packets of tea on the plane. Nothing is more relaxing than a hot cup of mint, rooibos, or chamomile when the air vents are on full blast.
  • Those Camelback straw sipping water bottles that I and everyone has these days are not good on the airplane.  The pressure change causes them to leak out the straw at the top. Next time, metal. 
  • I need to bring a notebook. When I start getting antsy in the air I need a place to sketch and make lists. The Hotel notepad just didn't do it for me as all the pages kept falling off.
  • I try to never travel in *flip flops. Doing the security check in bare feet gives me the creeps. All those feet on the foamy scanning pads . . .
  • People turn into panicked herd animals at customs. It's weird and sometimes makes me feel a little disheartened. 
  • John and I were clueless about the geography of Texas. We both thought Houston was somewhere in the middle of the state and expected a dry, barren wasteland upon landing. We were shocked to instead see greenery and many trees.  
*During a layover in North Carolina a couple of years ago there was a lady rushing to catch her flight in a pair of those disposable flip flops they give you after a pedicure. Very questionable.


holtkamp said...

the people that bring their stinky food on the plane don't get suckered into a $5 bagel or the other ridiculously expensive food airlines sell :) i always picture the entire state of texas as a barren wasteland. obviously, i've never been there outside of the airport, and there were no windows so i guess i've never even seen texas :)

Melinda said...

True, true! I always bring my own food, just not meat or meat sandwiches! One time the couple next to me brought hummus sandwiches and that was totally fine and not stinky. I usually bring a bagel, granola bars, or fruit. Just nothing that smells like indigestion.

Amanda said...

Once on a flight from Russia to Cyprus, I watched (and smelled) a guy attack a smoked fish with a plastic fork. He proved to me that smell is indeed the most vibrant memory!

Emily said...

I wish I could get my hair to stay in a cool hair style! Food that smells like indigestion- so true!!!! I've thought about making money by selling cookies on the plane though. :) I totally agree with flip flops and gross bathrooms. Tea is a good idea!