Monday, June 18, 2012

Roatan Part 3

Horses on the side of the road.
I also saw this plant in the Philippines. Back there they call it mahihiya (shy) because when you touch the leaves they close up.
Water taxi through mangrove tunnels.
Mangrove fruit.
Sunken pirate ship. There was originally dynamite on board that had to be lifted out so divers wouldn't get blasted.
Hanging out at The Hole on the Wall.  It floats on top of a sunken ship. They're mainly known for their lobster and steak night.
The owner's parrot
People park their boats in front of their homes instead of cars.
John watching a movie with the original owner's son and our water taxi driver.
Studio sink.
On our last day we rented a car and drove to the more provincial side of the island. The drive was beautiful and pastoral with cows and horses grazing right off the shoulders of the road. Besides the local villages, our main destination was Jonesvile. The town is mostly built over the water and was used as a pirate port and treasure hiding spot back in the day.

We hired a water taxi to give us a tour of the different bays that are connected by tunnels of mangrove trees.  For lunch we stopped at The Hole in the Wall which can only be reached via water.  The manager and his wife are both really friendly and chatted with us about the shrimp and lobster fishing in the area as well as a local Christian cult that only takes people between 16 and 25.  There was talk of charging locals $50 a piece to spend three days with the church/cult and having them drink a golden tea. Afterwards no one remembers what has happened to them. Creepy.


holtkamp said...

looks amazing! i like your new header too :)

Emily said...

Ditto what Jen said.

Mary said...

Oh man.. I was going to say the exact same thing.

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your photos are beautiful! and i just noticed your header -- very cool.