Sunday, June 17, 2012

Roatan Part 2

View from the church.
John used one of his casual shirts for Sunday. The resulting outfit had sort of an airline pilot feel. We shared a cab to and from church with another LDS couple.  They wanted to do some grocery shopping before we went back to our condos.
I had to wear a t-shirt in the water after day 2 because of my sunburn. Note to self - buy a short sleeved rash guard.
Mermaid stylish.
Lots of places are built over the water. I love it. 
A walk through the local neighborhood before dinner.
Posh New York Boutique. Yes!
Local Shop.
Thai food on the dock in West End.
The oh so ubiquitous feet picture. But this is to show the proximity of the water to our dinning seats.
At some point on our trip we did leave the comfort of the beach. We went to church on Sunday for sacrament meeting with a couple in their late 40's who were also visiting from Utah.  Apparently one of the owners of the Island Pearl where we stayed is an LDS member from Idaho. The ward was surprisingly large for the size of the island. As we entered, John and I both did quick assessments, an unconscious habit from mission life - What is the attendance? How many families are there? Are they all children? Women? How many priesthood holders are attending? Have there been any baptisms recently?

Although we loved where we stayed, the one drawback was that our studio had a propensity for mosquitoes compared to the larger house we stayed in last time.  I purchased a big can of raid while at the grocery store and did home-style fumigation. It worked, mostly. Our room was also right next to a gourmet restaurant, which we tried on our last night, so we always came back to the delicious fragrances wafting from the kitchen.

Other miscellaneous memories:
  • Buying banana donuts on the beach.
  • Swim racing John. Back floating.
  • Buying a hermit crab for a charity race - we lost, stupid crab! 
  • Snorkeling  - sea fans, large parrot fish, urchins, school of electric blue fish, and sea cucumbers. Star fish in the shallows.
  • Winning first place at the bar's trivia night.  I conquered the pop-culture questions and John showed mastery in the history department.


Rhiannon said...

LOVE the starfish photos! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

Kari said...

What an amazing vacation! Looks like you had a wonderful time, you deserved it! Loved all the pictures, you're both so talented!