Saturday, June 16, 2012

Roatan Part 1

Yes, the water really is that clear and that blue! This is how we spent the majority of our time on Roatan: sleeping, eating, reading, swimming, lounging, taking naps, and watching movies on John's laptop. It was really hot while we were there. I guess that's why it's the off season in the Caribbean. My grandparents lived in Maui, so I am familiar with tropical weather, but while we were in Honduras it was 90 degrees F and 80% humidity. The only comfortable places were in the water, the shade, or the air conditioned room. The ocean was like a luke warm bath.

We were both really careful to reapply sunscreen every hour and stay in the deep shade. Despite all our best efforts, I got burned! I never burn. I think the shade shifted while I was sleeping under the palm canopy just in a small spot. Thank goodness for aloe vera. The only burn John got was from the airplane when he left the shade open.


holtkamp said...

that sounds like the perfect vacation!

Mary said...

This looks beau-ti-ful! I am jealous. It looks like you had an amazing time. Cute swimsuit, by the way! Also, that water looks sooo inviting.. I want to swim in it right now!