Friday, May 18, 2012

John's Birthday

So, I kind of dropped the ball on John's birthday this year. He's not into big presents and large planned surprises so he's forgiven me. I decided he'll be having a month long celebration peppered with surprises and celebrations.  This month has been crazy, so it's the best I can do.

To start off, John got Diablo III.  I nerded it up with him and read the background of all past Diablo games as well as the current one. I acted as the best wife ever and viewed the background videos on youtube and watched John play for an hour or more.

Celebration 2 - We went out to Em's last night. Favorites this time included dates stuffed with Manchego cheese and wrapped in prosciutto, the rack of lamb with jalapeno jelly that I always get, and a warm vanilla bean cake topped with raspberries. I could talk food all day! Speaking of which I finished the first volume of the foodie manga Oishinbo that my brother gave me for Christmas. It was very entertaining and made me think more about the food as I ate it. Hopefully you won't be finding me nestled in the graphic novel section of Barnes and Noble with all the Inuyasha reading kids, but I make no promises.


holtkamp said...

lamb!!! you are a good wife, watching someone play video games is BORING!

Anne said...

That is a good wife to get all excited about Diablo. Ben is playing too and I kind of hate it (let's be honest!) But they should hook up, he said to tell him his name is Flaycrow1931. Hope you guys are doing great and enjoy a much deserved summer break!