Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tidepools at the Cabrillo National Monument


The tide pools at Point Loma aren't that great. First, and most importantly, there wasn't much biodiversity. Second, because the point is right around the corner from the San Diego Bay there was pollution in the form of greenish foam in the shallows. Not the most fun stuff to wade through. Third, because it was Good Friday there were a ton of tourists and it was too crowded.

On the positive side, Andre found a mangled part of a seal that had washed up on the rocks (see second picture). Michelle found what we think was its spinal chord. Both drew a nervous but excited crowd when we touched them.  Michelle started flexing the spine and grossed a girl out.  I dragged the seal fins onto a rock so my mom could see and some people started jogging over.  That's what you get when you combine the powers of a science teacher and a NICU nurse.


holtkamp said...

ha, ha gross! i was wondering what that was a picture of!

Emily said...

Great pictures. Wish I could've seen the other people's reactions. :)