Monday, April 30, 2012

Life lately:

  • Standoff in our neighborhood last night.  There were police barricades, the SWAT team, evacuations, and lock down. Pretty intense and sad. Usually the only interesting things in these parts are the polygamists.
  • 6 hour photo shoot with Shabby Apple on Saturday. It was so much fun to work with a model and great stylists! John assisted me and got a bad sunburn. Hefting my MF camera around for so long gave me a good tricep workout.  Since the photos were needed asap and the turnaround for film processing at a pro lab is 2-3 weeks,  I shot mostly digital (??!!) which was a big change for me. The new line launches tomorrow and I'll post some shots soon!
  • Delicious picnic dinner in Pioneer park last Tuesday with friends in celebration of Jen and Dave's visit. Munching on Bruges waffles, frites, and the giant machine gun sandwich.
  • End of year testing coming up next week. I am as excited as my students for those to be over! 
  • One month left of school. One month. I can make it.

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holtkamp said...

you're almost done! the waffles and frites were so delicious, i wish they had that place out here. i'm excited to see your shabby apple work which i'm sure won't be shabby :)