Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easter and a Killer Egg Hunt


We spent Easter in San Diego this year.  My sister-in-law, Allison, spoke in church and my parents, myself and John went to hear her. Her message was wonderful and her talk very well written. We also enjoyed the choir, minus one nasal tenor.  There's always one. 

The Easter egg hunt mentioned previously was put together by two of my nieces. They had celebrated Easter earlier in the week up in Lincoln with other family. When my brother gave them eggs and candy they altruistically hid them for the enjoyment of everyone else. Leah worked hard making signs with little sayings like "Hop to it!" and tied ribbons on the baskets and flowers up on the fence.

The Hunger Games theme ties in like this: a "Cornucopia" of eggs was set up in the middle of the lawn within easy reach for the greedier gatherers. The backlash was that they were evil and contained such foul inhabitants as a live meal worm, live crickets, a rock and dirt. No one discovered this until the end of course, when it was too late.

After pooh-poohing the whole event, Andre, jumped in on the sly and won the contest, dirt and worm free.

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