Monday, April 2, 2012


Birthday dinner!  I put John in charge of pictures, but I think he was having too much fun socializing to get much.

John was sitting right next to Josh and Miriam so he said he was too close to get a focused picture. So, here are the LeMaistres at the museum with us!

Dinner at Banana Leaf - delicious avocado drink with Singaporean and Sri Lankan food. The mango chutney is divine!
The best of friends - Josh and Miriam, Jed and Tanei, Angelica and John, and John and Mary. Plus 6 kids!*
Thoughtful gifts - Miriam crocheted a family of jelly fish! Angelica found me a touch and feel book that was purely baby rabbits!
Cake -Nothing Bundt Cake white chocolate raspberry
Hanging at Jed and Tanei's new house afterwards - lots of laughs and leaving with a fear of zombies

*We missed the Tanners who couldn't come, but JP and I did enjoy a nice lunch of Yogurtland and onion rings the week before.


Emily said...

Sounds like a perfect day! I want to see your jelly fish and bunny book. :)

holtkamp said...

glad you had a great birthday!