Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Back from San Diego


We just got in from San Diego last night. It feels like home will be the vacation as we're off again soon to visit family in Denver. I left my film at my parents' house and so I don't have very many pictures to show yet. John ended up taking mostly video. I'll be getting the film mailed to me along with a bag of rice soon. That's just so Asian isn't it? But, this rice is the King of all Rices and I can only find it in California. It IS worth it to have it sent all the way here!

The picture above is the Hunter Games style Easter Egg hunt that my nieces Lauren and Leah set up for us. More on that later!


molly said...

It's official. You're the cutest girl I know.

Emily said...

Fun! Can't wait to read/see more. PS did you see the movie? It made me sick.